Ivan Buzolic

Ivan Buzolić

Ivan Buzolic

Ivan Buzolić probably always knew that his life will be marked with aromatic herbs, natural ingredients, and original, imaginative creations designed in the kitchen.  Since early youth, he played in the kitchens of excellent restaurants, both in Hvar and Croatia, as well as in Europe. After running a couple of restaurants in which his craft was crafted to perfection, in 2001. he reopens the door of the iconic Golden Shell (which was the first official restaurant in Hvar ever, founded in 1967.), thus becoming the first slow food in this part of Croatia.

Many awards, prizes, results at competitions, visits by eminent gastro specialists and distinguished guests from all over the world testify to the top quality of the kitchen itself, but also to Ivan as a chef. “A good restaurant cannot be good, if the head chef is not part of the kitchen”, Ivan will say. Confirming his belief, he is still actively involved in his kitchen, along with permanent engagements in various craft and hospitality sections and chefs associations, where he is actively promoting the island of Hvar and Croatia. He is the initiator and the organizer of all gastronomic competitions on the island of Hvar, which confirms his love not only towards gastronomy, but also to the progress of the island itself. Buzolić is the first Croatian international culinary judge since 2011., a certified youth educator, and a World Master Chef.

He gathered his knowledge, love for the profession, mentoring and educating young chefs towards active participation in the development of gastronomy in Croatia, and united it all in one place in 2013., by founding Croatian Master Chefs Association. Over the last few years he has been conducting culinary competitions throughout the region and beyond, where he is also engaged as a judge. Throughout his rich culinary career, Ivan  has achieved many goals. These are only few:

  • Long-term President of the Section of Caterers and Tourism Workers of the Town of Hvar at the Association of Craftsmen of the Island of Hvar
  • Long-term member of the Guild of Caterers and Tourism Workers of the Split-Dalmatia County Chamber of Crafts
  • Initiator and organizer of the “Dobar kus” culinary competition in Hvar, since 2007.
  • The “Bon-pro” culinary competition in Stari Grad, Hvar since 2008.
  • The initiator of the “Bonkulović” culinary competition in Jelsa, Hvar 2010.
  • Participant of all actions of the County Guild of Caterers outside the County Counties, promoted by Hvar
  • Organizer of the Gastro exhibition at the Congress of Caterers in 2010. in Bol, with the remarkable performance of Hvar hosts in front of one thousand colleagues from all over Croatia
  • President of the Croatian Master chefs Association
  • World Master Chef
  • Licensed Youth Educator and Master Chef of the Polish Gastronomic Academy in Poznan
  • Regional Director for the Croatian Area within the World Association of AREGALA
  • A distinguished member of the Chefs Association of Mediterranean and European Regions with the status of Master Chef of the 1st Order
  • Honorary member of the Association of European Chefs
  • Honorary member of Saudi Arabian chef’s association

He has participated in many culinary competitions in Croatia and abroad with a series of medals won, both personally and by mentoring the team he leads.Many successful cooks have emerged from his team, many of whom have continued their career as mentors,  culinary judges and World Master Chefs. On all his culinary trips, competitions and congresses in the region and abroad, he’s always presenting Hvar and its traditions, and is actively working on the promotion of tourism and cultural heritage.

Antonio Buzolić

Antonio Buzolić is the youngest member of culinary family Buzolić. He spent his entire professional and free time in his father’s restaurants. He’s specialized for service management, with a special emphasis on wine loving and widespread knowledge of wines.
You’ll recognize him as the one with a particular sense of humour, and the one adored by our guests, so don’t be surprised if he serves you some enchanting story with your dish.

In 2014. he finally joined his father and sister on their culinary competition journey, and the results that he collects are remarkable:

  1. 4th Golden Ladle competition, Alanya

– Etnic dish – silver
– Fish dish – bronze
– Poultry dish – merit

  1. Bosanski dukat, Sarajevo

– Vegetarian dish – gold
– Fish dish – merit

  1. 9th International culinary competition of southern Europe, Thessaloniki

– Vegetarian dish – bronze
– Poultry dish – merit
– Team grand prix – silver

  1. Slatka nit, Bjelovar

– Appetizer exhibits – silver
– Main dish exhibits – silver
– Total category score – gold

  1. 10. Biser mora, Supetar
    – Senior team competition – merit