Speeza & Croatian Master Chefs Association


The city of Hvar is situated in the very middle of the nautical route which, throughout the history,  connected Venice and Dubrovnik (and of course, further into the Mediterranean on one side, and the Far East on the other) and has always been a first resting port for the ships sailing to and from Venice.
Such a rich history definitely affected culture of the island of Hvar, along with its gastronomy.
You can only imagine the riches transported to Venice from the Far East, and all the wonders that were transferred onto smaller vessels in the port of Hvar to be shipped off to the rest of Mediterran. While the rest of Europe peeled potatoes and admired onions, the citizens of Hvar enjoyed and savoured the exotic tastes of bananas, pineapples, coconut, saffron and so on…

The tradition of rich Hvar’s cuisine remains basically the same today. As in most cuisines around the globe, modern chefs combine aristocratic cuisine, forerunner of what we call Haute cuisine today, with the common folks’ cuisine, creating a unique fusion of past and present, introduced through modern dishes which contain the essence of what Hvar really is.

There are people who dedicated their life to cuisine; nourishing historical heritage of recipes and the taste of Mediterranean, while bringing it to the new level of visual experience. Ivan Buzolić, the father of slow food movement in Dalmatia, and the owner of Speeza, is the pioneer of the Hvar’s cuisine today.
He is the first Croatian international culinary judge, a world master chef and founder of Croatian Master Chefs Association.
But don’t let his titles intimidate you; underneath it all, he is still a little playful boy who spends his days in his kitchen, playing with ingredients, creating new tastes and recipes, thrilled when he stumbles upon someone who is willing to learn and has the passion for cooking.

Ivan Buzolić i Maja Mačković

Join him and his team on this amazing culinary journey by signing up to one of his cooking classes. It could be one of the best experiences you’ll bring home from your vacation in Hvar.
See you in restaurant Speeza 🙂

Estimated duration:  3 hours
Address: Restaurant Speeza, Vicka Butorovica 64, 21450 Hvar
– World Master Chef – Ivan Buzolić
– President of Women Chefs League/nutritionist – Maja Mačković
– Assistant – Antonio Buzolić

*10:00 – meeting @Speeza, coffee and short briefing
*10:30 – 12:30 – interactive cooking with lecture about food, slow-food movements, recipes and heritage of Hvar
*12:30 – 13:30 – lunch

All participants will receive certificate by „Croatian Master Chefs Association“ and a goodies bag with souvenirs and local products. Price includes consummation of what we cooked, a glass of wine, unlimited water and coffee.
Price per person: 150€