SPEEZA is a family run slow-food restaurant and food concept with more than 30 years of experience.

We understand, know, love and prepare food with ultimate respect for tradition, ambient and season. Our forte is traditional Dalmatian and Croatian cuisine with a modern twist in techniques and presentation. All dishes are designed and prepared for you on the spot, by our experienced chef, nutritionist and wine connoisseur.

We truly believe in slow-food movement and philosophy.

Slow Food is both an organization (search Wikipedia) and philosophy - that promotes traditional dishes and cooking techniques, locally sourced food (supporting local microeconomics) and relaxed dining experience.

Slow food is promoted as an alternative to "fast food" - and it strives to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encourages farming of plants, seeds, and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem. It was the first established part of the broader slow movement. This goals of sustainable foods and promotion of local small businesses are in accordance to political/philosophical movement directed against globalization of agricultural products.